Drying Systems


Crest Ultrasonics unique capilary drying systems rely on the natural surface tension of water to literally "pull" water off the parts while they are slowly removed from the tank. Ideal as a fast and effective final drying method for flat surfaces or as a pre-dry for more complex parts. Crest's capilary dryer utilizes a four sided overflow tank with a hot DI water and an integral lift mechanism.

Features and Benefits

Simple design for ease of use, low maintenance, and safety

Fast cycle times; typically 3-5 minutes

.Automated for ease of use and consistency

Complete spot free and particle free drying

Stainless steel materials of construction for durability and cleanliness

Modular construction designed to interface with Crest standard wash/rinse consoles

Recirculating filtration loop with center sparge return

4 sided overflow

Ground and polished tank construction to eliminate particle adhesion

PLC-based time control life

Compatible with crest CTS Rigibot transports


Crest Ultrasonics vacuum drying systems are a proven effective method for drying parts that trap water because of complex geometries or absorb water onto the surface. Vacuum drying is usually used as a secondary drying method to remove trace amounts of residual water. Vacuum drying is done by placing parts in a heated vacuum chamber to flash off the water. The system is typically used in an in-line batch processing configuration.

Features and Benefits

Simple design for ease of use, low maintenance, and safety

Fast cycle times

.Automatic cycle - for consistently dry parts time after time

Complete spot free drying even for parts with complex geometries

Stainless steel materials of construction for durability and cleanliness

Power sliding cover

Chamber has strip heater with thermostat to heat the chamber

Quartz heat lamps used to warm parts and prevent freezing


When parts come out of a rinse tank and are placed in a dryer the moisture immediately begins to run downward and accumulate on parts near the bottom of the process tank. When moisture accumulates, its surface area decreases and it takes longer to dry. 

With updraft drying, the air flows from the bottom up. This helps to maintain the moisture's larger surface area by slowing the natural downward accumulation, and as a result the moisture dries much faster. This process can reduce drying times by as much as 50% and that means significantly enhanced throughput.

Our dryers utilize an up-draft drying process which can cut drying times by up to 50%.

Features and Benefits

Features air tight, stainless steel construction.

HEPA filter optional on Optimum Console.

Updraft drying systems are standard on our popular multi-station consoles, and are offered as stand-alone units as well.

Features and Benefits

Water purity of > 10 MegOhm attainable

Automatic water makeup with 5 micron pre-filter

Deionized water immersion heater

Digital temperature controller

Resistively monitor

Quick disconnect fittings on stainless steel canisters

140° F compatible stainless steel skid, pump, plumbing, filter housing and sump reservoir (3 and 6 GPM systems)

120° F compatible CPVC plumbing and filter on 1.5 GPM system

30 PSI attainable spray pressure (3 and 6 GPM systems only)

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