The Optimum Console Junior

Four-Station Wash-Rinse-Rinse-Dry System
Crest Ultrasonics' Optimum Console Junior™ is a four-station ultrasonic cleaning system designed to clean many types of industrial components using a wide variety of aqueous cleaning chemistries. With the compact, cost-effective Junior, you can eliminate the use of CFCs and solvents without sacrificing cleaning performance. It is versatile for use in many applications and ideal for cleaning a wide variety of metal, plastic, and glass components as well as composites.

Ultrasonic Power
The ultrasonics are powered by Crest's patented Genesis™ constant high output generator which enables consistent and thorough cleaning. Our Tru-Sweep™ ultrasonic sweep frequency provides an ultrasonic cleaning action which ensures that contaminants are removed even from small recesses and blind holes. Popular Options
Oil Coalescers - For cleaning applications that require ongoing removal of oil and other contaminants without interrupting the processing. Custom sized to fit system.

Automated Materials Handling Systems - Crest's famous Rigibot™ materials handling systems are smooth, fast, efficient, and affordable. Custom sized to fit cleaning system.

Rinse water recycling systems - Crest's Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems provide environmentally safe, economical, and efficient recycling of rinse water.

Other options include: Timers on the ultrasonic stations, lift-off covers, and hand-held spray wand.

Features and Benefits

Stainless steel tanks.
Corrosion resistance and extended life span.

Space-saving small footprint.
Maximum utilization of space and easy replacement of vapor degreasers or optimization of your present cleaning method.

Ultrasonic wash and rinse tanks are fitted with high quality Ceramically Enhanced Bar transducers which produce 40 kHz Tru-sweep™ ultrasonic frequency.
Ideal cleaning power for most applications. Provides consistent and effective cleaning and lifting of soils away from small recesses and grooves. 25 kHz and 68 kHz frequencies are also available.

Full-length overflow weir for wash tank and cascade rinse tank configurations
Helps to remove contaminants from the wash and rinse tanks to maintain a cleaner solution in all process tanks.

High flow recirculation/filtration system on wash tank .
Particulate contaminants are filtered continuously improving cleaning consistency.

High efficiency recirculating hot air dryer.
Quick and thorough drying.

Thermostatically-controlled heated tanks.
Improves cleaning efficiency and speeds drying times.

Fully plumbed and valved for single point utility connections.
Quick and easy installation.

Stainless steel frame with powder-coated epoxy liftoff panel cabinetry.

Attractive and corrosion resistant. Easy front access for maintenance.

Economic,Multi Chamber Cleaning Systems
Wash - Rinse- Rinse -Dry
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